My Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran


My Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran

Publishers Weekly
In this intense memoir, Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and women’s rights advocate, writes about her life of resistance in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Alinejad chronicles her teenage years in a rural village in the 1990s, pulling pranks as a kind of rebellion against the supreme leader (in a high school Quran-reading competition, she recited an epic poem by Ahmad Shamlou in Persian); as an adult, she became a prominent, globally recognized advocate for women’s rights in Iran. Although she had no college degree, Alinejad became a journalist, and her first significant role as a reporter was covering the Majlis (Iranian parliament), including Mohammad Khatamis’s reelection to president in 2001. Later, she would become a scathing critic of Ahmadinejad’s presidency, publishing a series of damning articles in her column “The Government of Denial” for the National Trust newspaper. Forced into exile in Britain, Alinejad launched My Stealthy Freedom—a Facebook page where women who rejected the compulsory hijab posted pictures of themselves without the head scarf. Women all over Iran risked imprisonment and even their lives and safety to post pictures. Alinejad’s stories of her illustrious career as a groundbreaking journalist challenging the Islamic Republic make for a fascinating narrative. (May)


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