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Iranian Journalist Leading Charge Against Hijab Law

Masih Alinejad was forced out of Iran after years of demanding women’s rights. She is now leading the charge against the country’s compulsory hijab law from the U.S. She spoke with Paula Ebben and Liam Martin about her new book “The Wind In My Hair.”


Iranian Gaol – Episode 3

Iranian Gaol – Episode 3
Masih is still a teenager when she has to face the horror of an Iranian jail and separation from her fiancé. In between the interrogations, she discovers she has more than herself to worry about – she is pregnant.


An Iranian Activist’s Gutsy Story

The Wind in My Hair, by Masih Alinejad

Alinejad, creator of the My Stealthy Freedom campaign, celebrates ‘the moments of small rebellion, the tiny acts of defiance that allow us to breathe, the guilty pleasure of breaking unjust rules.’

In her compelling memoir, The Wind in My Hair: My Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran, journalist and activist Masih Alinejad describes several occasions when she was castigated for how she was dressed. The first occurred when she was a teenager who traveled from her tiny northern Iranian village, Ghomikola, to the city of Babol to attend high school. When she saw that many young women in Babol did not wear the chador, the large cloak that leaves only a woman’s face visible, she decided to stop wearing one herself.
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